Job Seekers

Find the Right Job

Finding the right job can be a difficult task. HealthPro can help you explore your options and find the position that’s right for you. Whether looking for a new position or to supplement your current schedule, HealthPro is dedicated to offering new opportunities for your career goals,

The HealthPro Process

By registering with HealthPro you have access to a wide variety of healthcare positions throughout the tri-state area. Whether you’re looking for temporary assignments, or if trying to find the right permanent job, HealthPro can help.

Is temping right for me? HealthPro temporary placements provide many benefits:

  • Experience new offices and specialties
  • Build a flexible work schedule
  • Improve and expand your skills
  • Re-enter your chosen career
  • Supplement your permanent work schedule and income

Patient care is our number one priority. HealthPro temps are 100% prepared for assignments. We provide you with detailed job descriptions and easy-to-follow directions so you can arrive on-time, worry-free and ready to focus on your patients.

How can HealthPro help me find a permanent job? HealthPro enhances your job search through:

  • Resume development support
  • Interview preparation tips
  • Job matching to align your interests and experience with quality career opportunities
  • Interview scheduling
  • Salary and benefit negotiation assistance